Verify GSM / 2G signal at your location

Before plug in the SIM card to your 2G/GSM device, you can easily verify GSM / 2G signal at your location! If you have an Android phone then follow these steps.

1. Turn off the phone and plug in the new SIM card.

2. Turn the phone on.

3. Switch the phone to GSM / 2G mode.

4. Go to Settings » Mobile Network Settings » GSM (see attached)

If GSM or 2G signal is available at your location then your phone will receive signal. You can also do the same for Windows or iPhone.
Now you can plug-in the SIM card to your 2G/GSM devices.

Please note:

If your phone is showing 2G/GSM coverage but the device is not receiving anything, then the device may be faulty or cheap clone product.

Good luck!