How to reset the GPS tracker password?

If you forgot your GPS tracker password and want to reset it then you can follow these steps:
  1. Take the correct USB cable and connect it to the tracker USB interface
  2. Turn on the GPS tracker and connect the GPS tracker to a PC USB port.
  3. Wait for a while until the PC recognise your device.
  4. (Please make sure the battery is fully charged otherwise it will try to recharge the battery and your PC will not be able to recognise your device correctly.)
  5. Also if you have any TF/SD card installed please unplug that from the device.
  6. Now open My Computer and you will find a Removable Drive.
  7. Open the removable device and delete everything from that device. Some users copy everything into PC local directory before deleting all files from the GPS tracker.
  8. Now disconnect the GPS tracker from your PC and check.

tk102 tk103 tk104 GPS Tracker realtime tracking
If you are still facing problem, please contact us for further help. Don’t forget to add your GPS tracker modem number and IMEI. This will help us to advise you more accurately. Click here to contact us.