GPS tracker as a voice surveillance device!

GPS tracker can be a voice activated surveillance audio monitor. Most GPS trackers (TK102, TK103, TK104 series) are sophisticated devices that people can use as a -
  • GPS Tracker or
  • GPS Data logger or
  • Voice surveillance device or
  • SOS emergency device AND/OR
  • Shock sensor etc.
You can get the real-time location info simply dialing the tracker number but sometime you may need to hear the conversation around the mini GPS tracker. Send an SMS command: monitor123456
Where 123456 is your device password.
The tracker will reply monitor OK!
Now, on “monitor mode” (i.e. voice surveillance mode) – the tracker will receive your call straight away and you can listen to what conversation is going on.
Note: the tracker doesn't have any speaker, so it will remain silent. No worries… :)

How to revert to “tracking mode”? Simply send an SMS command to the tracker:
That's all!

If you are still facing problem, please contact us for further help. Don’t forget to add your GPS tracker modem number and IMEI. This will help us to advise you more accurately. Click here to contact us.


I am hearing lots of static and getting bad reception when I use the voice monitoring option. I have moved the device several times to different locations on the vehicle. the device is placed outside the vehicle. I can not understand what people are saying. How do I fix this