GPS Tracker - Some Basic Troubleshooting

Q1. How often does Web Server locate my vehicle?

Your vehicle is located every 30 sec while it is in motion.

Q2. What information is transmitted by the GPS tracking unit?

Each GPS device can record the following information:

  • Date and Time
  • Location info (longitude and latitude)
  • Speed
  • Direction of travel

Q3. What is the battery life of the Personal Tracker (SBGPS-TK102B)?

Practically the battery (for SBGPS-TK102B) will last around 8 to 14 hours while using the continuous tracking mode. A GPS Tracker (SBGPS-TK104) with long life battery (lasting around 7+ days) can be purchased from the Professional Tracker category. If this device is required for permanently tracking a vehicle, the hard-wire cable kit can be purchased which will enable the device to utilise the vehicles battery.

Look, the battery life depends on couple of factors (e.g. GPS /GSM signal strength, maximum number of information the tracker is sending to the server, environmental / ambient temperature etc.)

Q4. Can I use any third party application (iOS or Android apps) to configure the GPS tracker?

No, unless you have any confirmation from your vendor's Tech Support.

Q5. Can I configure the GPS tracker directly from a PC?

Yes, you can but we recommend you to configure the tracker via SMS command.

tk102 tk103 tk104 GPS Tracker realtime tracking

Q6. My tracker suddenly stopped sending SMS reply. What should I do?
Check, the GPS tracker is turned on. Replace the battery.
The status indicator LED (green light) is flashing for every 3 sec. (or 2 flash in 1 sec stop for 3 sec)
Check the SIM card has available credit.

Q.6a. Green LED is not flashing, why & what can I do?

In this case, make sure you have activated the SIM card and it has available credit on it. If the SIM card is active and has available credit then try with another SIM card from “different service provider”. I mean, if you are using Optus SIM card then try with Telstra or Vodafone or other SIM card BUT not another Optus SIM card.

Q.6b. Green LED is flashing but the tracker is giving me wrong location info (for instance, a Google map link which is in China). Why?

This means the tracker is not getting any GPS signal. This usually happens when you are trying indoor conditions, in an area where so many high-rise building (e.g. CBD) or bad weather conditions. So, try STEP-4, check the GPS signal status.

Q.6c. My tracker is replying to my SMS but when I dial the number I am not getting any reply. Why?

Please double check that you haven’t hidden your “caller ID”. If you call from a “Private Number” the tracker won’t be able to identify the calling number. When you send any SMS the tracker knows your number so it is replying to your number.

Q7. What is the admin password for GPS Tracker PC software?

The latest GPS Tracker software supports all version of Microsoft* Windows OS (Windows XP / Vista/ 7 and 8). Login credentials: username: Admin, password: admin

Q8. I have installed the GPS Tracker software into my PC but I cannot track my device?

To receive the information successfully, you must enable port forwarding in your ADSL router. Additionally, you should configure your firewall to allow incoming data to that port.

Q9. How much data does the tracker consumes each month?

Considering you use the tracker for 24 hours continuous tracking (every 30 sec) on GPRS mode. It can consume around 50 - 100 MB data (subject to data rounding by your GSM Service Provider).

Q10. Is this possible to receive the Street Address rather than geo-coordinates?

Yes, if you send an SMS command: address123456 to the tracker (where 123456 is the device password). It will reply with real-time street address.

Please note:The default operational mode is SMS. You have to change the operational mode from SMS mode to GPRS mode. Follow these steps:
Set the APN. SMS command: apn123456 yesinternet (where yesinternet is the APN for OPTUS). The tracker will reply: APN OK!
Send SMS: gprs123456. The tracker will reply: GPRS OK!
Send SMS: address123456. The tracker will reply: 89 Epping Road, Macquarie Park, NSW 2113, Australia
It’s important that you should read the next question.

Q11. Should I activate data service on my SIM card?

Yes, data service must be activated on your SIM card. Look, an ordinary car GPS navigation system has "map file" loaded into it. The tracker doesn't have any Map file loaded into it. So it should access the Google map server to convert the geo-coordinates into street address.

Q12. Should I activate data service on my SIM card?

Yes, data service must be activated on your SIM card. Look, an ordinary car GPS navigation system has “map file” loaded into it. The tracker doesn’t have any Map file loaded into it. So it should access the Google map server to convert the geo-coordinates into street address.

Q13. What is my Network/GSM APN?

Here are the list of APN for major Australian GSM carriers:
ALDI Mobile:
LycaMobile: (username: lmau, password: plus)

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I have one of these devices and after considerable back and forth with T-Mobile, am finally getting SMS info from my tracker. My issue is, I send SMS commands and it doesn't seem to do anything. No response. I call the SIM card's phone number and let it go to voicemail, and then after hanging up the tracker responds with the defaults of Last, Lat, Long, speed and time. So I know it can communicate with my phone. It's just not acting like it receives any of my SMS commands. Any ideas?

IMEI: 352887072932910
Phone#: 9169608657

I used to have TK104 that worked on Optus network, i bought a new TK104 lately and try to use on optus network but didnt work at all.
Both Green and Blue LED are on, anyone know why? Thanks

You said (for SBGPS-TK102B) battery will last around 8 to 14 hours but mine lusts only 3 to 4 hours. May be need to change it.