Verify GSM / 2G signal at your location

Before plug in the SIM card to your 2G/GSM device, you can easily verify GSM / 2G signal at your location! If you have an Android phone then follow these steps.

1. Turn off the phone and plug in the new SIM card.

2. Turn the phone on.

3. Switch the phone to GSM / 2G mode.

4. Go to Settings » Mobile Network Settings » GSM (see attached)

Real-time GPS tracking is now as easy as 1-2-3

Yes, real-time GPS tracking is now as easy as 1-2-3 and that's absolutely FREE! If you do not have an internet connection with a static IP address and/or have data pack added to the GPS tracker SIM card then you can track your GPS tracker (TK102, TK103, TK104) online, anytime, anywhere.
Additionally, this will store all historical data for a month for further analysis.
  1. Visit: and create a user profile as shown below.

How to reset the GPS tracker password?

If you forgot your GPS tracker password and want to reset it then you can follow these steps:
  1. Take the correct USB cable and connect it to the tracker USB interface
  2. Turn on the GPS tracker and connect the GPS tracker to a PC USB port.
  3. Wait for a while until the PC recognise your device.
  4. (Please make sure the battery is fully charged otherwise it will try to recharge the battery and your PC will not be able to recognise your device correctly.)

GPS Tracker - Some Basic Troubleshooting

Q1. How often does Web Server locate my vehicle?

Your vehicle is located every 30 sec while it is in motion.

Q2. What information is transmitted by the GPS tracking unit?

Each GPS device can record the following information:

  • Date and Time
  • Location info (longitude and latitude)

GPS Tracker Basic Setup (TK102B / TK103 / TK104)

  • Please fully charge the battery before its first use.
  • Use only standard size SIM Card. Insert the SIM card- wait for 45 - 60 sec until the green LED start blinking.
  • Please do NOT use any 3rd party application (iPhone/Android app) to configure the GPS tracker.

Download Free GPS Tracker Software

Download the latest version "GPS Tracker" PC software.

tk102 tk103 tk104 GPS Tracker realtime tracking

Buy a genuine GPS Tracker

Want to buy a GPS tracker?

Please beware - and buy a genuine GPS tracker as there are many cheap clone GPS trackers available on eBay.

GPS Tracker - How it works?

Simply insert a standard GSM SIM card into the GPS unit. Whenever you call the unit it will respond with the real-time geo-coordinates of its location via an SMS. If you have a smartphone then you can click over the geo-coordinates (hyperlink) to see the exact location on Google map.

With some very basic/straightforward setup, you can also configure the GPS tracker to send location information (via GPRS) directly to a computer or web-server. Every tracker comes with bundle PC software (supports Microsoft Windows 7 and 8) for real-time location tracking.

GPS Tracker GSM SIM Card in the USA

Please note: This list may be out of date. There are new carriers and changes constantly, so to be sure ask your service provider or visit their website for details. If you have any update, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback and comments.
  • Airfire Mobile
  • Asset/Vada Wireless (uses AT&T/ TMobile)
  • AT&T (Includes GoPhone Prepaid, Dobson Cellular, Edge Wireless and Centennial Wireless)
  • Broadpoint
  • Big Sky Mobile
  • Calhan Wireless
  • call4care

GPS Tracker - APN setup

To set the APN send an SMS command to the GPS Tracker: Command format: apn

If the GPS tracker has password 123456 and network APN is "internet", then the SMS command would be: apn123456 internet


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